July 24, 2011

ANP PPP terrorists raided Mohajirs areas in the name of Haqiqi

Zulfiqar Mirza and PPP plan to capture Karachi by force in the name of Haqiqi was exposed by leading paper daily Jang but now after dawn attacks on on Mohajir localities by ANP and PPP terrorists with Haqiqi terrorists confirms proves that what dirty game PPP is playing with ANP and Haqiqi.

News coming from Karachi now confirms that people raided Mohajir localities of Landhi and Malir were Balochs and Pukhtuns equipped with Walkie Talkies and heavy weaponery, these terrorists of ANP, PPP and Peoples Amn Committee entered in Mohajir localities and targeted houses of MQM workers and supporters entered into the houses and killed Mohajir mercilessly but MQM workers supported by the residents of the areas made those PPP ANP and Haqiqi terrorists fled the area, this also shows the Majority of people are with MQM.
Here is the news from Daily Nation, Area People revealing who were the attackers who attacked Mohajir localities and well equipped they were.

Violence flares again in Karachi

KARACHI- After a lull of hardly a week, Malir and Landhi areas where again in the grip of organised bloodbath on Friday as unidentified attackers claimed 14 lives and wounded another 22 while two houses were also set on fire in Karachi.
Police surgeon Dr Hamid Padhyar told that 10 bodies and 15 injured were shifted to JPMC, 2 dead bodies were shifted to Sindh Government Hospital, Malir and one body and four injured were brought to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The deceased were identified as Niaz Muhammad, Muhammad Ibrahim, Akram, Akbar Ali, Naseer Ahmed, Azeem, Jamshaid, Nadeem, Murtaza, Iqbal, Ikram, Khalid and Shafique, Nabi Khan and one unidentified person.
Eyewitnesses said over a hundred gunmen equipped with sophisticated weapons and walkie-talkies barged into different areas of Malir and Landhi and resorted to firing at different locations dominated by Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
The police high ups termed the incident as a clash between the rival organisation, MQM and Muhajir Qaumi Movement-Haqqiqi (MQM-H), but MQM workers and residents asserted that it was a planned attack and that most of the attackers were Balcohs and Pushtoons.
Police sources said that two activists of Awami National Party (ANP), Mustaqeem and Akram Khan, were killed in Landhi and Quaidabad areas while an MQM-H activist Iqbal alias Ballo was also gunned down in the Quaidabd area.
Eyewitnesses said that assailants, who were thought to be Layari gangsters, came on expensive four-wheel-drive vehicles including double-cabin Parados and motorbikes. They entered the Ghazi Town and Aleemabad areas of Malir after the dawn prayers.
“We believe the attack was an attempt to let the MQM Haqqiqi capture the MQM offices and dominate the area,” said a girl who reached JPMC along with his brother injured during the ambush. She said, “We saw armed men having guns and walkie-talkies showering bullets on the houses of MQM workers and offices.” She said the attackers appeared to be mostly Balochs, Pushtoons while some of them were Urdu speaking.
The attackers were moving forward to different areas of Malir and targeting MQM Unit and Sector Offices and killing people without any discrimination on the way. She said, “We believe it was an attack by MQM-H with the help of Baloch gangsters of Layari to regain the control of the area ahead of the arrival of detained Haqqiqi leader Afaq Ahmed.”
After an attack at MQM Unit 100 Office located in Aleemabad, the armed convey moved toward other areas of Malir including Khokhrapar, Saudabad, Ammar Yasir Society and the adjacent areas where they killed men standing outside their homes.
Some residents said that armed men came from slum areas of Malir and got back to the slums after the attacks. They spent the night in different Goths situated in the surrounding areas of Malir such as Bahoo Goth, Asoo Goth, Jhokio Goth and barged into Malir at around 6:30am.
They said the attackers also attacked the houses of MQM workers and killed some MQM workers including Nadeem, Niaz, Naseer and Azeem in the early stage of the attack. Another MQM worker Salman Ahmed was shot dead near Ajmair Tower in the Gulshan-e-Mamar.
The MQM Unit Offices attacked included those numbered 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 and 100 where gunmen stayed for around two to three hours and exchanged fire with MQM workers, who were backed the residents, till the arrival of law enforcers at around 11am. They fled the areas on arrival of the law enforcement agencies, but stayed in Jhokio Goth till the evening. Residents alleged that they pinpointed to the police and Rangers about the locations of the terrorists but they were reluctant to take any action.
Similar ambush began in the Landhi area where armed men also forced their entry into the MQM dominated areas and tired to capture the MQM Unit 89. But the attackers met heavy resistance from the MQM workers and three of them were wounded who died on the way to hospital.

July 17, 2011

PPP workers beats Najmi Alam and Saeed Ghani after Amir Shah death

After the death of Amir Shah of Peoples Unity, PPP workers beat PPP Karachi division President Najmi Alam and General Secretary Saeed Ghani.
In our earlier post we pointed towards infighting between PPP that results in the tragic murder of Amir Shah, and now this news that PPP Karachi division President Najmi Alam and Secretary General Saeed Ghani were beaten by PPP workers when they reached hospital after Amir Shah death confirmed that power tussle and ethnic tensions with in PPP is the real cause of Amir Shah death.
No senior leader of PPP Sindh and Provincial Minister from PPP Sindh attended the funeral prayers of Amir Shah and Saeed Ghani has resigned from the post of PPP General Secretary after severe beating from the hands of PPP workers
Amir Shah was a close associate of Faisal Raza Abidi, Faisal Raza Abidi was removed as Karachi President of PPP due to internal rift within PPP and Najmi Alam took over the charge from him. PPP Karachi is now divided not only on ethnic basis but also on sectarian basis.

July 16, 2011

PPP infighting, Amir Shah of Peoples Unity killed

Amir Shah of Peoples unity killed in Karachi today, The death of Syed Ahmer Ali alias Amir Shah is a result of on going power tussle between PPP groups inside Peoples Unity, Infighting inside PPP is all time high now and every one inside PPP is trying to make as much money as they can because they know this is their last government and killing their fellow PPP workers who are coming in their way.
PPP who is suffering humiliation after the Zulfiqar Mirza statement against Mohajirs in which he called Mohajirs Bhookay Nangay will tries to put this murder on it's opponents, Faisal Raza Abidi will blame Talibans, Leaders of PPP will try to put this murder on MQM but time has gone when people were made fool by PPP through lies and deceits, now in the presence of media they can't hide why Syed Ahmed Ali alias Amir Shah is murdered in Karachi. 
Amir Shah was a close aid of Faisal Raza Abidi and was not a permanent employee of PIA, The Lahore High Court stopped Syed Ahmer Ali, alias Amir Shah, from acting as president of the People’s Unity of PIA employees’ union/collective bargaining agent (CBA).

Here are news published in recent past about Amir Shah, Split in Peoples Unity and interference of Faisal Raza Abidi which leads to this murder.

July 13, 2011

Zardari and PPP behind Mohajir Pukhtun killings

Re known Pukhtun journalist Saleem Safi expose Zardari and PPP. Zardari and PPP is actually behind all the target killings and ethnic riots in Karachi. Please read and spread to all your love ones.

Pakistan Army Stopped PPP from Massacreing Urdu Speaks

Pakistan Army and ISI stopped PPP Sindhi Feudal Lords from launching operation against Urdu Speaking people in Karachi. PPP Sindhi Waderas wants to murder Mohajirs to capture Urban Sindh who never voted for PPP, and orchestrated Target Killings and riots in Karachi but Army and ISI knowing all the facts stopped them from doing this. People of Karachi are thankful to Pakistan Army and ISI for all this.

Rising political temperatures: Military brass opposed use of force against MQM

LAHORE:  Amidst straining relations between the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and its estranged coalition partner, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the military brass is learnt to have opposed a series of moves that could have adversely affected an already tense situation – including any move to launch an operation in Karachi.
The military brass had also expressed displeasure over the possible induction of controversial former Sindh home minister Zulfikar Mirza on a sensitive post in the federal or provincial cabinet, The Express Tribune has learnt.
“Mishandling Karachi’s situation, or using coercive means against the MQM, is not something the country can afford at this point in time,” brass as telling top civilian authorities. The military has advised the government against launching any operation against the MQM, which pulled of the ruling coalition last month.
However, PPP’s information secretary Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the government was not planning any operation against the MQM. But at the same time, he added, “I don’t think the military would stop the government from taking action against the law breakers in Karachi.”
Sources said that the PPP was planning either to make Mirza governor of Sindh or to assign him a portfolio in the federal cabinet after getting him elected to the Senate. Reports of such a move had earlier begun appearing in the media. But the military is said to have precluded such a move.
Sources said that the PPP had planned an operation against the MQM, particularly against it supporters among the Kacchi community in Malir. And Mirza, who has good relations with the Sindh police, had alerted the police officials belonging to interior Sindh but serving elsewhere in the country. Mirza’s plan envisaged an operation against the Urdu-speaking people in order to coerce the MQM into compliance.  Mirza’s recent meeting with Afaq Ahmad, the chief of MQM-Haqiqi, was actually a message to the MQM.
When contacted by The Express Tribune, Presidential spokesperson Farhatullah Babar refused to comment on the issue and instead switched off his cell phone when pressed hard.
Sources said that the military brass contacted MQM chief Altaf Hussain and assured him that the government would not launch any operation in Karachi. Following the assurance, Altaf cancelled a scheduled address to a general party workers meeting on Monday.
Babar Ghauri is said to have contacted PML-N Senator Ishaq Dar to seek support against any operation in Karachi. And PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, in return, held out an assurance that his party would oppose any operation against the MQM in Karachi. Sources said that the two parties would soon start a movement against the PPP-led government from the platform of a grand opposition alliance.
The Express Tribune has learnt that, following its failure to muster military support against the MQM in Karachi, the government’s top leaders took a ‘U-turn’ and decided to send PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain to Nine-Zero to assure the MQM on behalf of the president that the government would not launch an operation in Karachi. Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the government’s coalition partner might have endorsed Shujaat’s trip to Karachi.
However, the MQM said the Chaudhry was in Karachi to attend a wedding ceremony and not to reconcile the MQM with the PPP. “Shujaat visited Nine-Zero to sympathise with the MQM over the atrocities the party has been facing in the city,” MQM’s Joint Incharge Information Secretary Qamar Mansoor told The Express Tribune.
He claimed that the PPP has made the PML-Q a coalition partner at ‘gunpoint’. And the day Moonis Elahi, son of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, was released, the Chaudhrys would pull out of the ruling coalition. Moonis has been in police custody for his alleged involvement in the multi-billion -rupee land scam in the National Insurance Company Limited (NICL).

Published in The Express Tribune, July 13th, 2011.

July 9, 2011

Genocide of Mohajirs in Karachi by Taliban ANP and PPP

From last 4 days PPP orchestrated massacre of Mohajirs continues in Karachi, PPP government gives free hand to ANP and Taliban terrorists in Orangi to massacre, Loot and burnt the properties of unarmed Mohajirs, PPP government ordered Police and Rangers to stand silently and do nothing.

July 6, 2011

Genocide of Mohajirs continues in Karachi from the hands of ANP and PPP

Genocide of Mohajirs (Urdu Speakers) continues in karachi from the hands of Terrorists of ANP and PPP, Terrorists of ANP killing Mohajirs in Qasba and Orangi, burning and looting houses of Mohajirs and terrorists of PPP lyari Gang war busy in killing Urdu speakers in Lyari, Shershah and Baldia Town.
It's time for Mohajirs to stop looking towards Police and Rangers who are no where to safe them and start protecting themselves against ANP and PPP Lyari Gangsters who are killing Mohajirs irrespective of their political and religious affiliation.

July 1, 2011

Zulfiqar Mirza admits he is Psycho

Ex Home Minister of Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza of PPP admits he is suffering from mental illness and diseases and he went to USA for his treatment.
After self acceptance of Zulfiqar Mirza that he is suffering from mental Illness we can now call him Pagal aur Pagal ki jagah  Pagal Khanay ma hoti ha.
We request President Zardari and PPP government to send Zulfiqar Mirza to Giddo Bandar hyderabad for treatment as he can't be cure in USA, he can be cured in Giddo Bandar.

Lyari people are illiterate and dumb, Shermila Faroqi of PPP

Lyari is strong hold of Pakistan Peoples Party but after 4 governments PPP give nothing to the people of Lyari, no school, no lights, no roads, no clean drinking water, PPP only give lyari gangsters, criminals, terrorists, extortionists like Rehman Baloch aka Dakait whom PPP itself murdered after taking dirty work in fake Police Encounters.

Here PPP leader Shermila Faroqi in a Live TV show saying she is not educated from Lyari School, She is educated and sensible, means PPP strong hold Lyari don't have schools to provide good education to poor people of lyari who gave everything for PPP but in return PPP leaders are making fun of Lyari and it's schools.

Like people use Urdu phrase Ma Shikarpur sa nahi aya mean i am not dumb, Shermila Faroqi saying i am not educated from Lyari i am educated mean people of Lyari are illiterate and dumb ass thanks to 4 governments of PPP. See how Shermila Faroqi is taking name of Lyari.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed