April 26, 2010

Imran Khan Namal College Scandal Exposed

On 25 April 2010, the self pronounce Chief of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf(PTI) Imran Khan who is also known as Taliban Khan around the world, conduct a fund raising drive for Namal College Mianwali and Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

After the fund raising Imran Khan while talking to the reporters said, Higher Education is Limited to higher class, He also said Namal College will Provide Very Cheap and High Quality Education.

As i already know that Imran Khan is a Lair i immediately visited the Website of Namal College and inquire about the Fee of Namal College.

 What i found there was not a Shock to me at least.

Namal College Fee is much higher then comparing to other Big Universities or Colleges of Pakistan.
Intrestingly Namal College Fee/ Semester is higher then the fee of CBM, IBA etc.

Here is the news from Daily Jang in Which Imran Khan is Talking about providing Quality and Cheap education to poors and collecting funds .

And here is the fee structure of Namal College, Taken from the Website of Namal College.

Imran Khan and his Politics of lies and deceit Exposed again, This is the reason People who monthly contribute to PTI are crying for the Audit report.


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