October 22, 2010

Pictures of Lyari Gangsters working under Zulfiqar Mirza

This Video consist of Gangsters who are involved in Sher Shah Massacre belonging to Baba Ladla Group. See the Armory they have, if they are peaceful people why they need and have such lethal weapons including Rocket Launchers?

This Group is affiliated with Peoples Amn Committee run by Uzair Baloch, who is now Headed of Rehman Dakait Gang.

Peoples Amn Committee is Headed by non other then Zulfiqar Mirza.

The video is self explanatory and need no explanation.

You also find these gangsters with the flags of Azad Baluchistan, You may also recall the speech of Zulfiqar Mirza about his intention to break Pakistan and now sheltering Terrorists of BLO and BLA in Karachi inLyari shows his real intentions.

Zulfiqar Mirza with Terrorists of Peoples Amn Committee

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K.A.Noorani said...

I think I've seen this signboard somewhere at Dalmia.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed