March 12, 2010

Imran Khan Campaigning for a Jew in UK elections.

Like every other Pakistani, i was quite suspect about the reality of Imran Khan, i always suspect him of an agent of Jews but now it is clear, Imran Khan, when his party needs him for elections in NA-123, left his Party, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and Party Workers on Election Day and went to UK where he is campaigning for a Jew for elections, who is also the Brother of his wife Jemima.

Frank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith, a Jew by religion and a Playboy like Imran Khan is using Imran Khan for getting MUSLIMS votes, Imran Khan also took him to the Mosque, It is still unclear what Imran Khan is getting in return.

Now everything is clear, Imran Khan don't want Peace in Pakistan, He supports Taliban Terrorists in Pakistan on one Hand, Promise to Impose Islamic Shariah if he comes into Power and on the other hand Campaigning for a Jewish Candidate and asking MUSLIMS to vote for him.

Imran Khan Divorced Jemima, but always stayed at Jemima home when he is in London, and both sons of Imran Khan is in the custody of Lady Jemima who after getting divorce from Imran Khan is making a good name for her self and how she is raising Imran Khan sons is also quite visible from these pictures.

It is now clear that Imran Khan is working on the Jews agenda to destabilize Pakistan and wants to destroy Pakistan and this is the reason he always supports Taliban Terrorists who are killing Pakistanis on Daily Basis.

Imran Khan you are Exposed Now.


Asif Ali said...

I request Imran to stop following the ISI/Freemasonry agenda and have some sense and should stop trying arm-wrestling with a major political party. If he keeps on doing this, it only means that:

1) He is working on somebody else’s (Freemasonry) agenda
2) He is to raise his stakes and his ratings in Pak politics
3) He is trying to stress that he hates the People of Karachi
4) He is imploring that Imran is basically a racist whose lineage comes from the fore-fathers who hated Bengalis and people of other ethnic groups.
5) Imran is polluting the minds of "Punjabis" as well the other ethnic entities in Pakistan
6) Imran should be accused of "taking" an internal matter of this country to another country, when he went on a spree to England to oust Altaf Hussain from that country.
7) Imran is embarrassing his own people and crushing the spirit of the people
8) Imran is seriously committing a crime by disrespecting the "vote-bank" of the people of Karachi whose majority has chosen MQM to represent them in Provincial and National Assemblies
9) Imran is trying to turn the attention of the people of Pakistan to some petty-matters instead of following the main issues
10) Imran is also accused of “crushing” the harmony of the people of this country by creating an “air-lock” against MQM in the minds of the people as well as establishment

Asif Ali said...

Imran Khan Gets into British Politics by Supporting Jemima’s Brother
March 24, 2010 at 3:06 pm

Imran Khan after his successful political career in Pakistan has decided to support full-time the election campaign of Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, the younger brother of his ex-wife Jemima Khan who supposedly became a Muslim but God knows what she is now.

He is now heavily engaged with Muslim voters in London’s Richmond Park battleground constituency where the young Goldsmith is fighting hard to unseat the incumbent Liberal Democrat MP Susan Kramer.

Khan, who is in London these days, campaigning vigorously with Goldsmiths has already twice door-stepped the congregation during his last two visits to London and plans to persuade the mainly Pakistani and Indian origin mosque-goers to vote for Zac Goldsmith.

His campaign team confirmed on March 12 that Jemima Khan will accompany her brother and former husband. The general election in the UK is expected to be held on May 6 and the incumbent Labor Party is battling hard to minimize a few points lead Conservatives hold at the moment.

Zac Goldsmith, 35, whose full name is Frank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith, is one of the heirs to the wealth of billionaire Jewish financier, Sir James Goldsmith.

The younger brother of Jemima Khan is one of the highest flying members of Conservative leader David Cameron’s inner circle, all of whom trace their roots and commonalities to an upper-class upbringing and education at the Eton College.

Radically conservative and opposed to immigration, Conservatives under David Cameron have liked to brand themselves as the modernists and inclusive but a significant section of the Tories remains right-wing.

They are opposed to Cameron’s modernist overtures and the cutting-edge influence of his close friends such as Zac Goldmith and others.

They see Zac Goldsmith’s decision to ask Imran Khan to accompany him to the Kingston Masjid as a sign that the new-look Tories under Cameron will go to any limits to pursue votes, even using those, like right wing leader Imran Khan.
After divorcing each other in June 2004 amicably, both Jemima and Imran Khan remain close to each other and during his frequent visits to London, the former cricketer enjoys staying always at his former mother-in-law Lady Annabel Goldsmith’s posh residence in affluent upper-class Richmond suburb.

Imran Khan denies publicly that he is supportive of the Taliban and al-Qaeda but he is well-known for his intransigent views and he has used every opportunity to voice support for a dialogue with the Taliban.

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