August 31, 2008

Qatil Qazi Visit to Karachi

On 26 August 2008 The Jamiat(Student wing of Jamat e Islami, Al Qaeda in Pakistan) terrorists storm the Karachi University with the help of their Master Assasins Maaz Faroqi Sanaullah Ataullah and others killing APMSO Activist Atif Hussain.
Atif was killed because he was a worker of liberal Political party of Pakistan M.Q.M( The largest Political party of Karachi and Second largest party of sindh).

The Leader of Al Qaeda in Pakistan Qazi Hussain(Ameer Jamat e Islami)was in karachi on that day busy in planning murder of Innocent Students of Karachi University in Al Quba Mosque in Federal B Area.

The Jamiat Terrorists on the orders of Qazi Hussain Leader of Al Qaeda Pakistan not only fired mercilessly on the innocent Boys and Girls of Karachi university but also tortured the Teachers of Karachi University.

Not only this the Al Qaeda in Pakistan IJT try to kill the innocent students injured in the firing by hijacking the Ambulances.

BBC Urdu also reports the terrorism of Jamiat in their report.

We the People of Karachi Ask the International Community to take action against Al Qaeda in pakistan Jamat e Islami and it's terrorist Student wing Islami Jamiat e Taleba(IJT) and save the innocent and unarmed citizens of karachi from Al Qaeda in Pakistan and from Talebans.

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