November 13, 2008

Mustafa Kamal " Mayor of the Moment" by FP

The news was spreading like a wild fire that Foreign Policy Magazine included Mustafa Kamal the Mayor of Karachi in it's Top three Mayors list, But as the Punjabi Mafia is out to damage Karachi and people of Karachi specially Mohajirs, they started a propaganda campaign against Mustafa Kamal and MQM,

FP in its article The Mayors of the Moment name Mustafa Kamal the yound energatic Mayor of Karachi as three of the world’s top mayors, but the sorry punjabi and jamati losers who are doing propaganda against MQM from soo long sparked and starts a malacious propaganda on the internet about this.

The Propaganda was started by a punjabi blog pkpolitics a punjabi nationalist blog doing such propaganda against every single person who is not punjabi, the person who is more involved in such propaganda is Dr Ahwab Alvi aka Teeth Maestro a punjabi from lahore settled few years back in karachi to earn his bread and butter and active member of Punjabi Sponsored Mafia Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf in karachi, Party headed by Certified Zaani Imran Khan.

Intrestingly the Punjabi Mafia is writing against Mustafa Kamal that he is not names the second best mayor by the FP Magazine but failed to tell that the Same FP Magazine included Mustafa Kamal in the list of Worlds Top three Mayors.

To show the real ugly faces of Punjabi Mafia who are contineously out to do propaganda against Mohajirs, MQM and Karachi just because Mustafa Kamal is not from Punjab and no city from Punjab and no Mayor from punjab is included in this list, i am putting the Pictorial evidence of WHAT FP SAID about Mustafa Kamal.

Shame on these punjabi losers, and the propaganda against Mustafa Kamal is also an eye opener to all the urdu Mohajirs that we are still not accepted as Pakistanis and son of soil.

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