December 30, 2008

Jamat e Islami is preparing for another Bloodshed

As Pakistan is passing through a very critical stage, the biggest enemy of Pakistan Jamat e Islami is preparing for an other bloodshed of Muslims of Pakistan.
Jamat e Islami was against the creation of Pakistan, Their Founder and Leader Molana Mododi was so allergic to Pakistan that he even called Pakistan "Na Pakistan" and called Quiad e Azam "Kafir e Azam"
Jamat e Islami in 1971 create groups of Thugs and cold blooded killers in the name of Al Shams and Al Badr, who not only Raped Muslim Bangali Women but also brutally massacred hundred and thousands of Bungali Muslims. The brutal killings and Rapes of Bangali Muslims lead to the breakup of Pakistan Thanks to the greatest Enemy of Pakistan Jamat e Islami as with out their help nobody dare to Break Pakistan.

Now Jamat e Islami is again planning the same, Jamat e Islami is organising a group of Killers, Thugs, Criminals and Assasins in the name of Shabab e Milli and the Leaders of Jamat e Islami are asking the terrorists of Shabab e Milli to prepare themselves to act like Al Badr and Al Shams.

The way Jamat e Islami is organising this group and asking them to act like Al Shams and Al Badr simply means they are again preparing for blood shed and hathcing a conspiracy against Pakistan, Their intentions are to do large massacres so that something bad happen to Pakistan.

Here is the proof taken from Jamate Islami newspaper Jasarat.

Kindly read the news article and prepare to counter the group of killers Jamat e Islami and Shabab e Milli .

News Article from Jasrat.(30-dec-08)

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