December 24, 2008

Taliban Rule in Pakistan

I was reading different newspapers in my office when is came across few pictures, and i was shocked to see those pictures.
The pictures are from Bara Near Peshwar where Local Talibans are doing the justice, The pictures also reminds me Taliban Rule in Afghanistan and same executions in Kabul Stadium.
I wonder what Pakistani Government is doing in those areas as these areas are completely outlawed and controlled by Talibans and local militants fighting against the State of Pakistan and Pakistan Army, Acts like these are also giving USA a chance to invade Pakistan.
I ask the people who are supporting Talibans that why they are supporting such people who are not only threat to Pakistan and Pakistanis but also giving bad name to our religion ISLAM.

I also urge the people of Karachi to get united against such elements as they are eying Karachi as their target from quite a while and Statements of Molvi Omer (Spokesman of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan) in this regard is very threatening as well.

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