December 1, 2008

Who started Karachi Riots ??

Karachi witnessed another massacre of Mohajirs in karachi.

Pathans are responsible for all this, they tried to do what they did in 1986, this time they try to do but failed to do on mass scale but still raped tortured and killed many mohajirs.

All the trouble starts from Banaras after killings and torture of mohajir men and women and escalates the leading newspapers also reported the same.

These pathans and afghanis are now threat to karachi and they are not only out to loot and murder mohajirs but also kidnapping and rapping mohajirs girls.

The Pathetic Punjabies and Jamatis are blaming MQM for this but don't have balls to go to Banaras Chock wearing Pant Shirt.

These Pathans not only kidnapped Mohajir Girls but also raped them.

I urge all the Mohajirs to stay united and keep an eye on Pathan Taliban terrorists and also on Jamati Munafiqs and Punjabi pigs as they are also working on the agenda to eleminate Mohajirs from karachi.

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