January 11, 2009

How to Become Billionier

As the Zionists are killing the innocent Palestinians in Gaza, there are some people who are out to fill their Pockets in the name of innocent Palestinians.
Jamat e Islami who has unfortunately nothing to do with ISLAM always use such events to not only exploit the Muslim emotions in the name of Islam but the main purpose was to fill their pockets.

Here is the evidence.

Just look at those 2 advertisements by Jamat e Islami in different newspapers, Jamat is collecting funds for Innocent Palestinians.

In one of the adverisement , It is Mention that Gaza is under attack, siege and surrounded by Zionists Israelis, I wonder if Gaza is under siege then why Jamat is collecting funds ? How would they sent those funds, food and medicine to Gaza ?

The answer is simple.

Jamat has built a habbit of looting innocent muslims of Pakistan in the name of Islam and Jehad.

They were getting Dollars in afghan war when the whole Jamat e Islami was licking the boots of CIA, then in the name of Kashmir they collect billions and now when no body is giving them a penny for Kashmir they started to collect in the name of Palestinians of Gaza.

Jamat e Islami didn't arrange any prayers ceremony nor any Mahfil of Ayat e Karima for those innocent Palestinians but they start begging for those innocent people.

Shame on you Jamat e Islami

1 comment:

Muhammad Noman said...

it is true that when jammat collecting funds ghaza in under of Israeli army but when the israeli relief the gaza the collecting funds are given them by the jammat ...
thanks for the Issue Mistake you will now know better ..

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