January 31, 2009

Terrorists of Nawaz League Murdered Leader of PPP Lahore

The terrorists of Muslim League Nawaz getting furious over the Political activities of Vice President of Pakistan People’s Party Lahore Malik Imtiaz, shot him in the broad daylight and fled.
According to details, two unidentified motorcycle-riding men shot at Malik Imtiaz in Mughal Poora area of the city. Imtiaz received a bullet in his chest from a very close range. He was pronounced dead upon reaching the Shalimar hospital.

This is worth while that Muslim League Nawaz the pioneer of eliminating its political opponents by killing them, always uses such dirty tricks to destabilize the Political System and this time when Supreme Court is about to give verdict about Nawaz and Shahbaz eligibility, such tactics to introduce violence and killings of political opponents, clearly shows the future planning of Muslim League Nawaz who wants to destabilize the country and paving way for new elections or a new Martial Law.

Nawaz Sharif has a habit of killing political opponents, in 1992 he launched an Army operation against its then allies MQM and killed more then 15000 urdu speaking people, not only that he also ordered the klling of Hakim Muhammad Saeed in karachi, a blunt critic of Nawaz Sharif.


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