January 17, 2009

Wakeup Call for the Citizens of Karachi

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From many months, Leader and Founder of MQM is continuously pointing towards the threat of Talibans and Talibanization of Karachi and Sindh, But the so called MAY HOON NA Interior Minister of Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza always contradict the claims of MQM and its Leader Altaf Hussain by saying Talibanization is not happening in Karachi or in Sindh.

On late Thursday night an encounter in Sohrab Goth Area is quite an eye opener for the People of Karachi and Sindh, in which 2 Police Officers lost their lives, The Operation in the Densely Populated Pushtoon area where the Government writ is almost ZERO is marred by Heavy firing in which several Police Officer including Officers from Sensitive agency and a High Level Police Officer also injured.

Police claimed to arrest as many as 50 Jehadis mostly from Waziristan and and Pushtoon origins and recovered huge quantity of Arms and ammunition including Rocket Launchers and heavy machine guns.

This incident is not an isolated incident, if we look into the past incidents like these are continuously happening in Karachi but the Interior Minister is continuously contradicting about the presence of these talibans and their strong network in Karachi, Pashtun areas of Karachi have become Safe Heavens for these Talibans and Jehadis.

Interestingly the CCPO Karachi Wasim Ahmed also accepts the fact that Talibans and Jehadis have strong Network in Karachi.

I wonder why the hell Interior Minster is risking the lives of innocent people of Karachi and Sindh by over looking the growing threat of Talibans in Karachi?

These event are also a wakeup call for the people of Karachi that they should come forward and prepare themselves to save them and their families against these talibans, Karachiites must purchase arms to defend themselves as no Army, Rangers or Police and INTERIOR MINISTER would come to save us against the upcoming assault from these Talibans that is quite visible Now.

I also appreciate MQM and Altaf Hussain for their efforts against these Talibans as due to their strong stance and their calls Talibans is till now on the back foot and didn’t carrying out any terrorist attack in Karachi.

Allah Save Us and Our City Karachi From these Talibans

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