February 22, 2009

Pathan ANP Terrorism in Karachi

On Friday 20 Feb 2009 Pukhtoon Nationalist Party ANP siege the offices of Jang Group and Geo for what they called ill promotion given to them by Jang Group.

Pathan ANP workers were heavily armed and they were looking for Journalists, These armed Pathan Terrorists not only robbed people on I.I Chunrigerh road, Snatched Mobiles phones from ordinary people but also tortured the Journalists covering their activities.

Kindly Note that if something of this sort happen in MQM rally the whole country, Media, newspapers, TV channels, Blogs and Websites start Bashing MQM, But they are all quite as all has been done by SON OF SOIL PATHANS

This incident is also a reminder for Urdu speaking community that all MQM bashing is not for targeting MQM, it is against Urdu Speaking community, and their unity in the form of MQM.

Wake up Mohajirs the long sleep you are having will led to your down fall in your own city.

ANP Pathan Terrorists firing on I. I CHunrigerh Road

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