February 15, 2009

Sindh Police accepts that Majority of Talebans in Karachi are Pathans and Threat to Karachi

In an exclusive interview with Barbara Plett of BBC, Raja Umer Khattab a Senior Officer of Karachi Police, accepts the threat of Talebans in karachi and confirms that these Talebans are involved in henious crimes in karachi including Kidnapping for ransom and Bank Dacoities.

The sources in Police Department told BBC that Network of Taleban Militants are become dangerous for the city.
The Police Sources also told BBC that

"There is also a considerable number from South Punjab, but the jihadi network increasingly has a Pashtun face.

"By default, that means it is the Taleban who have an increased network and clout within the city."

Raj Umer Khattab himself accepts " that most of the militants active in Karachi belong to Afghanistan or Pakistan's tribal areas."

SP Raja Umer Khattab is quite clear, though, that the militants remain a clear and present danger to Karachi and Pakistan.

"If you carry out any act of terrorism in Karachi, you send a message all over the world.

"At the moment, they appear to be lying low, but that could change as the [fighting] front broadens in the north-west." He Told BBC.

From many months Altaf Hussain Leader of MQM continuously pointing towards the increasing threat of Talebans in karachi, but most of the enemies of karachi like Jamat e Islami, ANP and other religo political parties always criticize MQM and Altaf Hussain for pointing towards Taleban Activities in Karachi and thier aim to conquer Karachi for their vested interests but after this BBC report in which a high ranking Police Officer is confirming the Taleban Threat in Karachi it is clear that what Altaf Hussain is saying is right.

I urge my fellow karachities to keep an eye on these Talebans (Majority Pathans) check their activities and pepare themselves for ANYTHING including all out war.

Interview of Raja Umer Khattab to BBC Barbara Plett


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