March 28, 2009

Pathan ANP Terrorism in Karachi

Pathan ANP terrorists, once again on Friday 27, March 2009 terrorize the innocent and unarmed citizens of Karachi, These Pathan ANP terrorists, Drug and Arms Peddlers and Supporters of Qatil Talibans in Karachi are enchroaching the land of Karachi by force killing and torturing people.

Police arrested 5 terrorists of Pathan ANP on Thursday night and recovered arms from their posession, but Pathans on Friday start rioting, pelted stones on passing cars, torture innocent mohajir Men and Women Passing by and restored to heavy firing, They even targetted the Police.

Pathan Terrorists are in a bid to conquere Karachi from a long time, and for that they are collecting arms and ammunation for killing Innocent Mohajir Men and Women.

Here are few news pieces from Different newspapers to show what these Pathan Terrorists are doing in karachi.

The News Karachi
Demo staged after police arrest suspects
Saturday, March 28, 2009
By our correspondent


Hundreds of workers, allegedly of a political party, blocked main University Road on Friday to protest against the arrest of suspects by the PIB Colony police. A heavy contingent of police later reached the spot and dispersed the crowd after three hours of stiff resistance by the protesters.

The police had earlier arrested five suspects in connection with armed robbery, drug-peddling, extortion and car-lifting cases. They were also wanted by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) and Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC).

Station House Officer PIB Colony Sajjad-ul-Hussain said that, acting on a tip-off, they raided a place opposite old Sabzi Mandi late on Thursday night. Upon seeing the police, the armed bandits opened fire - however, after a brief encounter, the police arrested Altaf Khattak, Noman, Rizwan, Rizwan Khan and Ameer along with arms and looted items.

According to Hussain, Khattak and his accomplices were wanted in six cases by the PIB Colony police station, four cases by the Aziz Bhatti police station and one case each by CID Sindh and the ACLC.
However, a number of residents and workers of a political party appeared on main University Road near Hassan Square after Friday prayers and started demonstrating, demanding the release of the arrested suspects. The protest blocked traffic for almost three hours. The protestors also damaged a police check post at Old Sabzai Mandi, a restaurant, and a private office. Hussain said that Khattak is the ring leader of the group and he had been operating a big drug den in the area. He said demonstrators pelted passing vehicles with stones and the police had to use teargas shells to disperse the crowd. Cases have been registered and investigation is underway. — SBP

Daily Jurrat



Shahood Ahmed Siddique said...

these pathans should be killed in front of us...they are destroying the peace of Karachi..they want Mohajirs to leave this city but we will fight against them!!!

s-tauseef said...

i damn sure pathan nation r the worst nation in Pakistan.
We should try to finish them frm karachi n go back them on their own cities..
other then we will have to pay in the shape of talibanizations

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed