March 18, 2009

Punjabi Nationalism For Greater Punjab ?

As Punjab Succeed in imposing his will on 3 smaller provinces by using the Punjabi Nationalism and by breaking the law of the land, The whole event itself shows that the whole Punjab got united on one agenda, Punjabi Nationalism.

The police of Punjab famous for doing encounters were dancing with PML supporters and raising slogans of G.A Nawaz Sharif itself showed the ugly picture of the incident.

This is the reason why the Establishment always recruits thousands in Police Rangers and Army to crush the voices of smaller provinces, but when such situation created in Punjab they refused to obey orders.

In the recent Long March Punjab Police not only refused to obey the orders but also in advance told the Policemen from Sindh that they will ran away before the coming of PML N rally.

Is this a new start of Punjabi Baladasti on Smaller Provinces?


This will result in accomplishing the Goal of Greater Punjab?

This Incident is also an eyeopener for the people serving in Police and other Government Offices and don't belong from punjab, as They are always used by punjabi Establishment to crush the voices of their own people.

Wakeup Mohajirs, Sindhis, Pathans, Balochis and see the real face of Punjabi Nationalism and learn some lesson from it.


Angela said...

AsSalam u alaikum!
1st of all let me introduce myself. I am ZunNurain. My forefathers belong to Karachi.
Well, brother its eventually creating a sad effect on me after reading this article of yours. As if you didn't have full knowledge of situation.
Brother, the thing is, that we have to get out of the bounds of this word "SIRF". We are Muslims 1st and then Pakistani. This "SIRF" creates lots of fuss between our own people! We should avoid it ourself 1st in order to expect that the other will avoid it as well. Its simply awful that one one side we are being selfish and saying others that they are doing wrong!
This is the time to change! to re-enforce the power. The power of "AWAM", the people of Pakistan. Including every Pakistani.

In the end I will just request you, not to spread any word against patriotism. Please broaden the canvas of thoughts! We all are Pakistanis... Love your homeland.

Jazak Allah.

Khaled Faroqi said...

Dear ZunNurain
its nice to see your comments.
But i have the right to contradist you.
If it was a Nationalist movement not Punjabs then why the people in Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP didn't even step out from their houses for this ?
Secondly why Mr Nawaz Sharif didn't bothered to visit 3 provinves for this march ?
I guess people understand what i am talking.
thank you for your reply

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