March 4, 2009

Revival of IJI on cards ?

On 2nd March 2009, Nawaz Sharif mets Qazi Hussain in what seems to be am attempt to revive IJI.

IJI was made finance by ISI against Pakistan Peoples Party and then DG ISI Hameed Gul accepts that he made IJI.

Hameed Gul is known for his Islamists views and he and Qazi jointly working from last 2 decades with Nawaz Sahrif.

Nawaz Sharif took billion of Rupees from Osama bin Laden to destabilize Benazir Bhutto First Government.

Both Qazi, Nawaz and Hameed Gul all have strong links with Osama Bin Laden they worked with each other.

Time like today when the whole world is against Osama Bin Laden, the merger of Pro Osama forces in Pakistan would becomes a threat to Pakistan as the world focus would change from Afghanistan to Pakistan at any time and it would be a disaster for the only Muslim Nuclear Power.

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dr_jawwad71 said...

utter non sense. qazi sahib do not trust nawaz shareef niether other members of jamat e islami.
there is no way that JI could make political alliance with nawaz shareef.
stop living in 1990.

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