April 24, 2009

ANP Shahi Syed Views about Mohajirs

ANP Sindh President Shahi Saeed use to show that he is a Peace loving person and give statements like the below mention statement.

But In his Political meetings he Show his real Dirty and Evil face by speaking against the whole Urdu Speaking People(Mohajirs) of Karachi.

Now the Mohajirs have to decide themselves he is against Whom ? It is now Crystal clear that all MQM bashing is actually Mohajir OR Urdu speaking Bashing.

Shahi Syed We have seen your bloody and Ugly face, Don't try to fool Mohajirs and Urdu Speaking People, You are Enemy of Urdu Speaking people ad wants to capture Karachi with the help of Barrel of the Gun, You are not President of ANP in Sindh, You are Leader of All the Drug, Arms and Transport Mafia of Sindh and giving shelter and Protection to Talibans.

Shahi Syed Tell the People of Karachi why you didn't called for Strike on 12th May Last year ? Because at that time you took millions from Sindh Government in the form of Compensation for 12 May victims and now you Want more ?

Shahi Syed Kindly answer the Questions of Poeple Of Karachi.

  • How many strikes your Party observed in NWFP where Qatil Talibans killed hundreds of Your workers including your MPA ?

  • Why you signed an agreement  who killed you party workers and didn't even gave you compensation ?

  • Why you are sheltering Qatil Talibans in Karachi ?

  • Why you didn't called for strike on 12th May last year ?

  • You said you are not against Urdu speaking people but in the above Video you are clearing giving racist comments against Urdu Speaking People, WHY?

  • Why you are denying the facts that there are no Talibans in Karachi? Why you are acting as Chief spokesman of Taliban in Karachi ?

Shahi Syed we have seen your ugly face don't try to fool us....

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