April 15, 2009

Fall of Swat

After Dhaka, History repeats itself and Swat falls in the hands of murderous Talibans killing people in the name of Islam, ironically except MQM all the parties of this country endorsed the elimination of the writ of Pakistani Government and writ of the State of Pakistan from Swat.

ANP is responsible for this so called Nizam e Adal regulation, which separated the Swat from the rest of Pakistan, Now Law in Swat will be the words of Moulana Sufi Muhammad not the Constitution of Pakistan and the court headed by CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry would have not role in Swat affairs.

I am not surprised why ANP did this as all of us know that ANP is an Anti Pakistan Party, the founder of ANP Bacha Khan had so much grudge against Pakistan that he asked his followers not to bury him in Pakistan so he was buried in Afghanistan, From a long time Party of Serhadi Gandhi is working against Pakistan and now in the form of Nizam e Adal regulation they have succeed in eliminating the writ of Pakistani State from Swat, and this will not stop in Swat.

On the other hand PPP is acting quite strangely, PPP is trying to save their government and it seems PPP lost its memory and last words of their slain Leader Benazir Bhutto who was brutally murdered by Talibans.

Mohterma Shaheed on 19th Oct 2007, in her press conference after double suicidal attack on her in Karachi clearly said that she will not surrender infront of Talibans, but sadly the PPP government, who took votes in the BB's name not only surrender in front of people killed their leader but also handed over territory of Pakistan to them.

I don’t have words to criticize ANP and PPP but I can only say one thing about PPP, They have sold the blood of Benazir Bhutto to her murderers.

Shame on you PPP and ANP for breaking Pakistan.

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Umang said...

I am 100 Percent agreed with ur views.
Abid Ali Umang

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