April 14, 2009

PPP Government Bows down infront of Benazir Bhutto Killers

PPP Government bows down infront of Talibans who are blamed for killing their own leader Benazir Bhutto.

I don’t understand until few days back President Zardari was bluntly saying that Talibans killed my wife and mother of my children and I will not spare them but now he not only bow down in front of Talibans responsible of killing hundreds of innocent men and women including Soldiers of Pakistan Army and Other law enforcements agencies but also responsible for doing inhuman and barbaric acts like Public beheadings and flogging of their opponents.

It is also interesting that Mr Rehman Malik Interior Advisor, used to say “We have 2 Options either to fight with Talibans or give this country to Talibans” Now PPP government give a Territory of Pakistan Under Taliban Rule.

Now the Militant Talibans Succeed in imposing their writ and eliminating the writ of Pakistani State in one corner of Pakistan will eventually march towards Islamabad and other places to impose their own brand of Islam as well.

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Umang said...

I think imposing of Nizam-e-Adal in Sawat is an Endorsement of Talibanization in Pakistan.....That means:
1-You agreed that the law of Taliban are more better than Pakistani Law.
2-Every Party has right to demand any thing contradicted with Pakistani Laws and if it will not be implemented than the use of ARM will be a good solution for gettting their demands.
3-Whose Sharia....Shias...Ahl-e-Hadees....Sunni...Deobandi.....or any others.....Mean every Sect has also right to impose Laws as per their Sect Teachings in their Mjority areas.......
4- Last thing i that I think zardaari has done due to the Black Mailing of ANP.....
Abid Ali Umang

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