April 22, 2009

Talibans Attacked Karachi Suburb

Don't want to say anything to the People of Karachi and Pakistan except,

Wake up!! before Talibans get into your houses.

The Incident of Karachi is a chilling reminder for the people of Karachi, Now karachities witness from your own eyes what Altaf Hussain and MQM is saying is 100 % right and it is not Politics.

Still there is time Karachiites,  Get United, Arm You self and prepare for the battle with Talibans.


MISSION said...

yes, Khaleq, I agree with you and I myself suggest that this is the time for Unity.

Syed said...

The founder leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr.Altaf Hussain was right from the start as he was saying in his speeches,statements and interviews that the people of Karachi should get ready because terrorist talibans will going to come and now his words are what we all can see that talibans are doing there terrorist activities in Karachi.I request every single person living in Karachi that please for Godsake join hands toghter forget the differences dont let talibans the real terrorist capture are city.We the people of Karachi dont want any extremist terrorist group to rule over us in the name of Islam.We are muslims and we dont want anybody to teach what Islam is because what talibans are doing is soo not what Islam taught us.

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