April 17, 2009

Ulema Ahl e Sunnat(Barailwi) Rejects Nizam e Adal in Swat

Ulema of the Biggest Sect of Pakistan Ahl e Sunnat (Barailvi) rejects the Nizam e Adal agreement in Swat.

We Salute the bravery of Ulema e Ahl e Sunnat for raising voice against so called Nizam e Adal and against Taliban Rifle brand Shariat like MQM and Altaf Hussain as these Talibans has nothing to do with Islam and Shariah.


Zainulabedin said...

Vgood MQM sunni tehreek and ulemas are against it :)
Jiye MQM

umair said...

Ulma-e-Ahlesunnat should unitedly protest against it.
aur sunnion ko mill kay yahan long march nikalna chaiye takey dunya ko pata chaly k ulma-e-haq Jamaatio ki tarha taliban ki himayat nai karty.
cummon sunnis we have to awake... we have to cum out otherwise ye jaali mullla Pakistan ko burbaad na kar dain..

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