May 26, 2009

Punjab and IDP's. Hypocrisy of PUNJAB Continues.

As the indigenous Sindhis are protesting over the migration of IDP’s in Sindh , with the fear of changing the demography of sindh, The people outside sindh speacially in PUNJAB are quite critical about this, It has become the habit of People of Punjab to blame MQM and Altaf Hussain, purposely or with out purposely they are targeting the Sindhis of being Hate Mongers or Racists, but on the other hand they are quite over the planned and forcefully exit of Pathans from Punjab.

The Punjab Government officially made a border force to stop people coming form NWFP , not only that they also arrested and kick pathans out from Punjab, I wonder if such thing happens in Sindh it becomes an issue but as the same is happening in Punjab the people of Punjab are quite.

PML N is quite critical about the coming of IDP’s from Swat to Punjab and they openly express their concerns.

Imran Khan (Taliban Khan) was also very critical about registration of IDP’s in SIndh but forgets that he belongs from Punjab where a border force is made to stop people coming from NWFP.

Till now not a single camp has been erected fro IDP’s in Punjab and the mysterious silence of People of Punjab in this regard shows their hypocratic attitude.

It is also very intresting that the time Pakistan was made, people of Punjab stood on railway stations of Punjab and ask the people coming from India, “Pakistan Aggay Hay”, The people of Punjab didn’t allow any afghan refugee Camp in Central Punjab and now they are not allowing the IDP’s camps in Punjab.

This shows the real character of Establishment of Punjab and the people lives their who has the habit of pointing fingers towards  others but never try to find out what THEY are Actually doing.

Pir Sahab Pagara also sense the Hypocrisy of Punjab and in latest Statement warns that Punjab Started to Break Pakistan and if Pakistan Breaks Punjab will be responsible.

People of Punjab ask your government and leaders WHY THERE IS NOT A SINGLE IDP Camp in Punjab.

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Asad Ahmed said...

very true

Punjab government has decided not to allow any IDP camp in punjab.

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