June 2, 2009

Another Girl Raped by PML(N) MPA.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="452" caption="Dekho Dekho Koon Aya ? Cheater Aaya Cheater Aaya"]Dekho Dekho Koon Aya ? Cheater Aaya Cheater Aaya[/caption]

The Thugs, Terrorists, Rapists and Smugglers of PML(Punjab) also Known as PML(Nawaz Sharif) are on Raping, Thuging Spree from the day PML(Punjab) took the control of Punjab.

An Other MPA of PML(Punjab) or PML(Nawaz Sharif) Munawar Gul has raped a Woman.

The Thugs of PML (Punjab) or PML(Nawaz Sharif) have a long history of raping Girls, Doing Smugling and doing terrorism.

Few Months Back MNA Rana Zahid Hussain of PML(Punjab) or PML(Nawaz Sharif) Raped and Murder a Young Girl in Arifwala.

Few days back MPA and Minister of PML (Punjab) or PML(Nawaz Sharif) Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor also bisbehaved and threatens the staff on Lahore Airport when he didn't stop over the custom counter and took his luggage with out inspection.( Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor is a re known Smuggler).

One of the PML( N) MNA Haji Pervez was forced to Resign by Nawaz Sharif to save his face from humiliation as PML N MNA was involved in an Exam Scandel and he sent his nephew to sit in the exam in place of him.

The story didn't ends here.

Few days back MPA's of PML (Punjab) or PML(Nawaz Sharif) Pir Ashraf Rasool and Ali Asghar Manda, also turned violent against police and a report was also registered against them with the Sharaqpur Police Station.

These are real real faces of PML(N) MNA's and MPA's the real Thugs, Rapists, Murderers and Terrorists of Pakistan who were doing a long march for free judiciary, but now when the judiciary is restored(I don't agry with it) Why such Animals are still out on the street and  Why there is no action against These people by so called Free Judiciary, This is a Big Questions Mark on Free Judiciary.

In between the i don't seems any Suo Moto Action against these Basterds as the Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Sharif is deemed to be a worker of PML(N).

All this will continue to happen as the the Head of PML(N) Shahbaz Sharif is himself a Cheater.

The critics of Altaf Hussain and MQM from PML(N) should concentrate in building their own character rather then pointing towards MQM.


PAKIWALA said...

thats right... these people are such hypocrits. Just a few weeks ago they killed 3 people who had encroached on their land and showed it as a police encounter. Lucman has exposed the details of that incident also. I dont know why the US is so friendly with them now, they dont know how they will turn away from them when the time if right.

Another Girl Raped by PML(N) MPA. said...

[...] Original post by khaledfaroqi [...]

Abid of Pakistan said...

Bad Words and fake posting with multiple names are also not allowed.
PML N supporters are welcome to give comments but uncivilized language can not be tolerated.


Talha Bin Azad said...

These kind a people are selected by the people of punjab....
they thing that they can do any thing they wont.....
Allah is seeing all these things.

sharpprogrammer said...

PML - N is a party of big landlords, feudals and industrialists. It is the mindset of these people to regard common people as kammi and kameen. It is because of this that we continue to hear of such things.

Abid of Pakistan said...

Hasan Nisar MQM ka bharwa he, iss liye altaf hussain ki tareef kar raha he, woh kehta he k woh fuedalism ka mukhalif he.... iss chutiya Hassan Nisar ko kia pataa k woh khud sub se baraa fuedal he. Allah aise chamchoon se mulk ko bachaye... AMEEN

khaledfaroqi said...

All the PML N workers or supporters who are sending threatening messages for just showing the real face of PML N should understand that Pakistan is a free democratic country where freedom of speech and expression is allowed..

I appeal and request to PML N workers or supporters to stop using bad and abusive language as the post is not a fake post it is accompanied by newspaper reference as well.

PML N workers and Supporters condemn the acts of PML N MPA MNA's rather then giving us threats.


PAKIWALA said...

Array. PML-Nangay waloon... You guys are criminals, but we are ready to face you "HARAM ZADAS" living on the money of Pakistan. People like Munawwar gull should be casterated, and his balls to be hung in Nawaz Sharif neck!

K R B said...

you all big terrorist and killer and all MQM materway are bharway... munafiq no.1.

(This is to show how civilized PML N Workers are)

NAB said...

Yeah check that encounter video over here. i think zardari is better than nawaz sharif atleast we know that he is corrupt and he don't pretend to be a innocent politician. whereas Shariffs are very clever, they attacked supreme court when it was their govt. because it was at then in their own interest and now they are fighting for judiciary only because they expect extra and biased favors from Judiciary. so i don't there is much difference between Zardari & Nawaz.


i think its time to say goodbye to PPP & PML N!

jamal khan said...

i m sure my blog is not going to be published
but still...... for admin

did safwan ullah apologised when his family lady killed a child and later nominated their driver. i m sure even driver is released now.did pervez musharraf apoligised for all scratching balls scenes on public tv, slapping in public of his law minister. did MQM apologised for printing MQM on back of people of karachi?did musharraf apoligised for delaying madrassa degree case for 5 yrs to keep his B team in parliament?
it was nawaz sharif who set an example in pakistan by enquiries and forced resignations of his own members.
and where as language and manners are concerned, i ll like to drive ur kind attention to wall chalking in karachi, several videos with 3rd class labels of imran khan and comments on them on youtube.
for allegations of being a party of big landlords, i would thank Gen Musharraf for adopting all landlords and cleaning our party. now its a party of javed hashmi, ahsan iqbal and parvez rashid
p.s. please also check the language of pakiwala. its a debate please be polite

best regards
jamal khan
(Proud supporter of leaders of principles)

Admins Note:

Dear Jamal Khan
You talk about Safwan Ullah with out knowing that the driver was not the personal hired person by him but was employee of the Ministry incidently he was heading.

Secondly Nawaz is not a leader of principle he took money from Osama Bin Laden and tries to kill BB, Now a days He is advocating the same Operation against Militants once Mushurraf was doing as USA put his hand on Nawaz Sharif to get Support from Punjab against the militants.


Thirdly this blog is not a Pro Musharraf Blog, what i think i writes here, You have the right to write as well.

Thirdly kindly produce a single peson whom back was painted with MQM so that i can publish it on my blog as well.

Nawaz Sharif Did Army Operation against MQM though they were Partners in government.

Nawaz Made a deal and went out from country and the fact is revealed by the Saudi Crown prince himself, He took NRO before going to Saudia with his family.

I appreciate that you didn't use bad and abusive language like other PML N workers.

Rafid Sidiki said...

Why do we haul ourselves down to a level where we start abusing nations of Pakistan rather than few leaders. I liked the way you used PML(Punjab) it exposes who is the real munafiq. They claim to be a national party, still Mr. Sharif didn't dare to visit other cities of Pakistan. Inshallah, next PM will be from MQM, so stop cussing ethnic groups, Mr.Admin and MQM supporters....Secondly, feudalism is a problem that will be dealt with by MQM and for this we have to spread awareness in Sindh and Punjab and I don't think alienating people of these provinces will serve the purpose!

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