June 24, 2009

The Day when Karachities Spit on Jamat e Islami Face

I don’t want to say anything more, the Subject of this post tells the story about the reputation of Jamat e Islami have in Karachi but as many of the people who don’t live in Karachi but always like to poke their nose in Karachi affairs and Politics and always repeat the Anti MQM propaganda and never accepts the mandate of MQM given by the people of Karachi.

Jamat e islami always blame MQM for rigging and try to portray them that they are the representatives of Karachi and they always lose elections as MQM do rigging.

As all of us know about the Biggest Munafiq party of Pakistan that is off course Jamat e islami, they are so big lairs that they lie in the name of Islam, Jamat always cries about rigging in Karachi and blame MQM for it but never tell people the reality of their popularity in Karachi.

In 1992 Army started an operation against MQM, Army blame MQM of hatching conspiracy of Jinnah Pur (No proof of such conspiracy have been presented in any court of law yet), like Bangladesh Jamat e Islami instead of denouncing the false operation actively took part in that operation and play role of informers, thousands of MQM workers were brutally murdered but Jamat e Islami never raise any voice over such brutal killings.

In 1993 General elections held in Pakistan, MQM boycotted the National Assembly elections as the Agencies not allowing MQM to contest on many seats of Karachi, So it was the chance for Jamat e Islami to show their strength and power in Karachi,

Qazi Hussain Ahmed the then Ameer of Jamat e Islami and Munawwar Hassan the current Ameer of Jamat e Islami took part in Elections from Karachi and both Contested for the National Assembly Seats.

This was the time when the Brave People of Karachi shows their Loyalty to MQM and Altaf Hussain and Spit on the Munafiq face of Jamat e Ismai.

Here is what both of them get from Karachi

Qazi Hussain contested from NA-191 and got 8,452 votes and Lost.

Munawwar Hassan contested from NA-193 and got only 8,550 votes and lost as well.

The percentage of votes they got from their constituencies are merely 2-3% votes, mind it no MQM in the field, Army on the streets of Karachi doing operation against MQM on the charges of Jinnah Pur and Jamati Munafiqs lost the elections and their Ameer and Secretary General both got only 2-3 % votes.

So the people who blame MQM especially outsiders who don’t live in Karachi and Jamat e Islami mouth Piece on internet, can tell us why people rejected the Jamat e Islami and didn’t vote for them when there was no rigging and no MQM contesting the Elections?

I Salute Brave people of Karachi who spit the Munafiqs on the face in 1993 Elections and shows the world that people of Karachi Hate Jamat e Islami who signed the Notorious Quota System that causes the Financial Massacre for the Urban Sindh People


captainjohann said...

This organisation called Jamaaat-e-Islami was created by British to scuttle the secular fabric of Muslim independence call of Jinnah. The British created RSS in Hindu majority areas to scuttle the quit india movement of Congress. Bothe organisations alwasy find safe haven amongst Militarism but actually they spew hatred on all other views and religions as envisaged by Britishers and now USA though they give cosmetic anti US statements.

Shahjee said...

Ab bas na chaley in loogo ka to KArachi ko or Pakistan ko tabah kar daley...

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