June 7, 2009

Punjab and Punjabies Giving Wonderful Treatment to IDP's of Swat

The critics of MQM and Altaf Hussain always try to malign the facts and distort the reality to hide what is really happening around Pakistan, Same is the case with IDP's of Swat.

Punjab and Punjab Government giving statements that they are really helping the IDP"s but the reality is People of Punjab and Punjab Government are stopping them on borders and didn't allow to setup a single IDP camp in Punjab.

But is someone accidently cross into Punjab, then the families are abused, as revealed by this man who with his family is living in Lahore and getting a STAR TRATMENT from the Hands and Toungue of Lahoris and Punjabies.

Take a look what This Man from Buneer facing in Lahore.

Answer Punjab and Punjabies are these people are not Pakistanis ?

Shame on You People of Punjab.

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