July 2, 2009

Jamat e Islami Orders its Military Wing to prepare for war in Karachi

Jamat e islami from a long time in the name of Islam preaching and spreading terrorism, This is the party which took part in the killing of more then 2 million Bangali Muslims and also Raped more then 7 Million Bangali Muslim Women in East Pakistan.

Jamat e islami is giving training to its activists and sending them all around the world for terrorism in the name of Jehad and Islam.

Recently the terrorist arrested in connection with attack on Sri lankan Team Confessed that he stayed at Mansoora( Jamat e islami head Quarter), where he was provided arms for attacking the Sri Lankan Team.

This Video consist of pictures of Jamat cadres with latest automatic and lethal weapons and also prove of their involvement in terrorist activities all around the world, Kindly watch the video as it is the proof of Jamat e islami involvement in terrorism.

Jamat e islami workers also involved in terrorism and was involved in Attack on Corps Commander Karachi, not only this the Jamat e Islami worker Dr Arshad Waheed arrested and then released on the orders of secret hands (who are still closely working with Jamat e islami, giving military training to Jamat e islami people and sent them to different places of the world for terrorism in the name of Islam.)

Dr Arshad Waheed was later killed in WANA in US drone attack and then AL Qaeda Claimed that he was working for AL Qaeda and a Video has been released in his Honor.

Now All the War Fronts are close as the Army and Pakistani Establishment is forced to abandon their Jehadi Terrorism Agenda around the world so thousands of Jamate islami Workers who are military trained are ordered to report to Karachi, I have been told this by an insider within Jamat e islami who is himself itched by this.

These military trained Terrorists will be used against the people of Karachi and they have been brain washed that People of Karachi are US agents so Jehad is obligatory against them. ( Most of you people seen the banners in Karachi saying Jo America ka Yaar ha Maut ka Haqdaar hay, and Jamate islami in its press releases always accused MQM of being US agent).

The video above is a proof of how well trained these Jamat e Islami Terrorists are, the recent Target killings in Karachi is an example of these Terrorists capability of hitting the target of their choice.

In 1992 Military Operation, the Military wing of Jamat e Islami worked closely with ISI and Haqiqi Terrorists, few years back when a split in Haqiqi occured, Qazi Hussain and Imran Khan was mediating between the 2 Haqiqi Factions.

I urge all the people who are in Karachi or their families in Karachi to be cautious as these Jamat e Islami terrorists are making lists of MQM workers and handing over them to Talibans same thing they did in 1992 when they handed over the lists to Army and Haqiqi.

Please ask your family friends and others to be cautious, do note that the Jamat e islami Terrorists who were went for so called Jehad now back in karachi and these people are waiting for a Final Assault on the people of Karachi.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed