July 11, 2009

PML Nawaz, Party of Rapists, Thugs, Thieves and Cheaters

Shumalia Anjum RanaIt seems the Media is now giving a very hard time to PML Nawaz as the Media is contineously showing the real face of PML Nawaz to the common people, Few days back PML Nawaz MPA and Minister in Punjab Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor was caught on Tape hitting a Woman MPA of PMN-Q, One of their MPA Munawwar Gill ran out of  Country after raping a Woman who came to him for help.

Before that PML Nawaz MPA Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor was cught doing Hooliganism on Airport.

One of the PML( N) MNA Haji Pervez was forced to Resign by Nawaz Sharif to save his face from humiliation as PML N MNA was involved in an Exam Scandel and he sent his nephew to sit in the exam in place of him.

Mr Shahbaz Sharif is busy in Murdering innocent people in Fake Police Encounters but the Supreme Court is MUM over all these Human Rights Violations.

Few Months Back MNA Rana Zahid Hussain of PML(Punjab) or PML(Nawaz Sharif) Raped and Murder a Young Girl in Arifwala as well.

Now a Female MPA of PML Nawaz, Shumaila Anjum Rana also caught redhanded on Tape while doing Shoping on Credit Cards she steels from a woman.

This is the true of Face of PML Nawaz, The MPA's and MNA's are busy in doing every single crime present in the book because they are in power only in Punjab, God know if they comes in Power in Pakistan then they wwhat they will do with the people of Pakistan and with Pakistan Itself .

Allah Save Pakistan and Pakistanis From PML Nawaz.


Musharraf Supporter said...

Khalid sb ; najam sethi wrote an article last month regarding Nawaz shareef, Imran khan, jamateislami n hameed gul involvement in target killing in karachi. article revealed the story that how these terrorists are funding against MQM, pls search it thru ur sources in MQM, it is nt availible on net.

Irfan Chattha said...

This is the most unfortunate story about our politicians. Thanks God now we have a vibrant media that can expose the corruption of such people.

Muhammad Umar Farooq said...

yAr sb khAo bEthY hAin...
QURAN ki AYAT hAi, jSi aWAm hO g,wSy uNhn sARbRAh milEin gY,
sO lEAv dEm,1st try to change ur self, according to ISLAM and PRAY to ALLAH,
Plz OFFER 5times PRAYERz
aP FARAiZ aNjAm dEty rAhEin r HAQOOQ ALLAH PAK pEy chOr dEin,wO aPk khUd HAQOOQ pUREy kRy Ga. INSHALLAH.

Jeddy Khan said...

Imran Khan as a cricketer was a womaniser and it was no secret. He has started a one man political party. A party is a group of individuals who share the same ideas and ideology and are democratic - there are elections within the political party as to who will lead it. Imran Khan has his political 'party' in which only he runs things, there no other members of this party.
Nawaz Sharif owes his political status because of the military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq, otherwise he was no one. The Sharif brothers run their political party, allow no one to contest their status in their party.
Zardari made himself Chairman of the PPP without elections. All these parties are dynasties not political party. When will there be a real political party in this country? When will there be proper elections and not selections. Perhaps the military is still running the country in the guise of civilian rule. The military should be completely out of politics.

Tariq Ali said...

Sharif Brothers should punish here bare ass with 100 lashes on Liberty Chowk. After that they should lash themselves for accepting these criminals in their party. Salay bhen ****

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