July 21, 2009

Reply to Ansar Abbasi's column against MQM Leader Altaf Hussain

This is a reply to Ansar Abbasi's article

published in Daily Jang agains MQM

leader Altaf Hussain





Ajaz Siddiqi said...

Khaled Bhai,

Nice work Sir people like Irfan Siddiqui and Ansar Abassi always getaway with these types of nonsense we need to make them accountable.

mnasir79 said...

Good reply.. Ansar Abbasi is not a journalist... he is a hypocrite..

Shahjee said...

Ansar Abbasi sahab ka bhe farz hey k in baato ka jawab dey...magr unki itni auqaat nhi ya ye kehley k jawab he nahi....hahaha

Shaeq Hasan said...

Salaam Khalid bhai,
well done again. you should publish this article in newspaper. Thank you again.

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