September 5, 2009

An Other PML-N MNA booked for Torturing Teachers in Islamabad

It seems like PML N, the ethnic Central Punjab party can’t control its Public representatives, as the MNA’s and MPA’s are out of control.
PML-N after 2008 elections secured few seats from Punjab only and since then their Elected members are involved in every sort of crime you can name.
From Raping Women, to stealing Credit Cards, from Examiniation Scam to torturing common people of Punjab, the public representatives of PML-N breaks all the records.
Now another PML-N thug, who was unfortunately elected from Islamabad showed his muscles in Federal Government College for Boys, F-10/4, where he and his associates not only tortured the teachers but also ransacked the college.
The PML-N MNA was furious ashe failed to secure admission for an ineligible student.
This is the true face of ethnic party of central Punjab PML-N, Members of PML-N are behaving like this when they are not in Federal Government, God forbid if they comes into power what they would do to the innocent people of Pakistan?
News links for above News:

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