October 26, 2009

MQM Haqiqi, How and Who made this Terrorists Organization

In 1992, MQM Haqiqi was Imposed on Karachi by the THEN Army Establishment and Agencies.
Those terrorists were given free hand to kill the People of Karachi, Afaq Ahmed and Aamir Khan and other Criminal Elements involved in Henious Crimes and Kicked out from MQM were trained, Financed and Armed by the Army Chief to Divide the Power of Urdu Speaking people.

Now the Ex IG Punjab Sardar Muhammad Chaudhry revealed Who were the people who were Controlling those Haqiqi Terrorists.

In 1992 Army Operation against MQM, the Anti MQM forces like jamat e Islami and others also helped Army, ISI and Haqiqi Terrorists against the People of Karachi.

Nawaz Sharif always said he didn't knew about the the Operation but what Sardar Muhammad Chaudhry writes in his book made it clear that Nawaz Sharif knew every thing.

Few Months Back JSQM Chairperson Bashir Qureshi was attacked in Karachi, The attacker Died on the Spot was also a Haqiqi Terrorist and Afaq Ahmed Body Guard, the other Haqiqi Terrorist Arrested from the spot is vanished from the scene and no investigation is underway till now nor anything have been made public about him. Cards of Agencies were also recovered from those Haqiqi Terrorists.

Now read what Ex IG Punjab writes in his Book.



Long Live Altaf Hussain.


faraz ahmed said...

sach ko chupaya nahi ja sakta.as a pakistani and citizin of karachi i want to say that...hum ne haq parast mqm ko bhi dekha hai or haqeeqi mqm ko bhi dekha hai....dono parties mein bohot difference hai...mqm haqeeqi k group ne karachi ka aman tabah kera.logon pe tashadud kera.daketi.qatal kery.loot maar keri....nawaz shareef.imran khan.afaq ahmed.jamat e islami....yeh sab basicly pakistan dushmanon ke agents hain...or inki history inka mindset inky mulk ko chalany k tareeqy...is qabil nahi ke in ko pakistan mein zinda rehny dya jaye.

faraz ahmed said...

ager mulk ko bachana hai to wel organaized party wel educated party loving pakistan true pakistani party sirf or sirf MQM HAQ PARAST(MUTEHIDA) hi hai....main karachi me rehta hun..miane inka work dekha hai inka saleeqa hai dekha hai...but perfect to sirf ALLAH ki hi zaat hai.per insan hony ke naaty in ki koshish or altaf hussain mein aik sacha pakistani nazar aata hai.

Aftab Karim said...

It is unfortunate that there has been consistent negative policy of all the governments (except Pervez Musharrf's govt:) against urdu speaking community, because we are not son of the soil - aliens - hindustani, mohajir, makkar etc., etc., The result was the perforce formation of MQM. However, still that uncalled for negative policy against urdu speaking community continues. Now MQM is unnecessarily targeted in each and every matter - baseless allegations day and night. Surely MQM if given the opportunity can run Pakistan justifiably.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed