December 29, 2009

Attack on Ashura Procession in Karachi, Repeatation of Quetta Ashura attack.

Though i don't wana write this blog post but i am forced to write as i want to open the eyes of people as what happened in Karachi was already occurred in Quetta few years back and this is just because the Taliban apologists and Master Minds like Jamat e islami is trying to convert this heinous crime from Talibans to MQM, so it is necessary to educate the people of Karachi and Pakistan that what happened in Karachi was already occurred in Quetta, The same was repeated in Karachi by the same Murderers.

in March 2004, Ashura procession in Quetta was attacked by twin suicide bombers who not only blew themselves but also through grenades and fired on the mourners of Ashura procession before blewing themselves.

After that heinous attack the same looting and arsoning occurred that was occurred in Karachi, the miscreants looted and torched more then 150 shops apart from shops, the arsonists and looters looted and torched Bank Branches and houses as well.

Quetta is a small city compare to Karachi, in Karachi thousands of shops were looted and torched easily by the same people who did that in Quetta before, a single building contains thousands of Shops so torching 4 building causes fire to thousands of shops.

What happened in Karachi was pre planned and orchestrated as the same was occurred in Quetta just 5 years back.

These are news links of that event.

I urge people to read them, and then decide who are involved in all this.

Link from BBC:

Link From Dawn News:

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