December 11, 2009

Jamat e Islami behind Suicide attacks and Terrorism in Pakistan

Jamat e Islami and Terrorism is a synonym and if we take the name of Jamat e islami it automatically means we are talking about the biggest Terrorist, Fascist and Anti Pakistan, Anti Islam and Munafiq Organization exists on the face of this Earth.

On 9th of December 2009, the The News an English daily of Jang Group exposed the Biggest Terrorist Organization once again by publishing the news about Jamat e Islami Refusal of calling Suicide attacks in Pakistan as Un Islamic.

It’s a well-known fact that Jamat e Islami was against the creation of Pakistan, The Written Books of Moudodi, Founder of Jamat e Islami are still present.

Jamat e islami worked as Paid Assassins like Black Water in East Pakistan, with the help of Pakistan Army not only Took Military Training but also helped  in the Genocide of more then 3 million Bangali Muslims.

The role of Jamat e islami in making a US cold war against USSR into a Jehad after taking millions of Dollars from USA is also quite remarkable, and the arrests of Jamat e islami People involved in Attacks on Core Commander Karachi, Attack on GHQ, Attack on Srilankan cricket Team,

  Deaths of their Famous Workers like Dr Arshad Waheed in Wana courtesy of US Drone Attacks and release of videos of Jamat e Islami workers by Al Qaeda,

Arrests of all the big Al Qaeda figures including Khlaed Sheikh Muhammad aka KSM, from the houses of Jamat e Islami Leaders Houses shows how Jamat e Islami is working against the State of Pakistan and how they are helping Suicide attackers by not only giving them shelter but also giving them all the resources and information they need.

The recent arrest of Jamat e Islami member brother an Ex Air force employee on the charges of giving sensitive National Security Details and the commencement of Court Martial Trial of Nadeem Shah also shows how Jamat e  Islami is not only helping Suicide bombers and the people who are against the State of Pakistan but also killing the innocent Men Women and Children in suicide attacks.

Time now to get rid of Jamate  Islami as soon as possible otherwise they will murder more and more Muslims and Pakistanis in Suicide attacks. People Pakistan should see the real face of Jamat e islami which is endorsing Suicide attacks in Pakistan.

For the people who supports Suicide attacks or Jamat e Islami here is a Hadith from Bukhari Sharif.
Read it, when a person who was fighting in the Presence of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a Jahannumi, (Person from Hell) how anyone who do suicide can become Muslim?

Is it Possible that Suicide termed Haraam by Allah and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) can be termed Halaal by Taliban, Jamat e  Islami or Mullah Omer ???

No. 3914
- Narrated Abu Huraira:


we witnessed (the battle of) Khaibar. Allah's Apostle said about one of those who were with him and who claimed to be a Muslim. "This (man) is from the dwellers of the Hell-Fire." When the battle started, that fellow fought so violently and bravely that he received plenty of wounds. Some of the people were about to doubt (the Prophet's statement), but the man, feeling the pain of his wounds, put his hand into his quiver and took out of it, some arrows with which he slaughtered himself (i.e. committed suicide). Then some men amongst the Muslims came hurriedly and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Allah has made your statement true so-and-so has committed suicide. "The Prophet said, "O so-and-so! Get up and make an announcement that none but a believer will enter Paradise and that Allah may support the religion with an unchaste (evil) wicked man.

It's now time for the people of Pakistan to decide either they support Jamat e islami who is supporting anti islam Suicide attacks against the People of Pakistan or They according to Quran and Hadith denounce and Rejects the Suicide Attacks and their supporters like Jamat e Islami and Taliban?

Wake Up Pakistanis Other wise the next Target of Suicide Bomber Could be you or your famliy.

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