January 2, 2010

Mufti Muneeb Asked the inclusion of Munawwar Hassan in Ashura Events Investigation.

Jamat e Islami and all the Taliban apologists always try to divert the attention of people from the terror activities of their Taliban comrades by putting it in Black Water or in case of Karachi on MQM.
But the people of Karachi and Pakistan are now well aware from the fact that Jamat e Islami and other Talibans supporters are just trying to save their partner in crimes Talibans.

After Karachi Ashura attack Jamat e Islami and other Anti Karachi Anti MQM parties tried hard to put the blame on MQM, but the CCTV Footage not only exposed those lairs and Munafiqs but also show the people of Pakistan how far they can go to save Taliban Terrorists.

Jamat e Islami Ameer after the blast said it is the work of Black Water and MQM burnt the shops, this an other failed attempt to save the real Talibans who did the blast like Nishter Park Blast.

The Sunni Ulemas led by Mufti Muneeb in a press conference asked the concern authorities to include Munawwar Hassan and others who points towards Black water, so that if they have any proofs then they should provide it otherwise they should be deal with iron hands for saving the real terrorists , like these parties did after the Nishter Park Suicide attack.

Jamat e Islami and ProTaliban forces are exposed now and we salute Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman for their courage against the Munafiqs of Jamat e Islami and other Pro Taliban forces.

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