January 28, 2010

Taliban Attacked NATO supplies in Karachi

Talibans attacked NATO supplies in Karachi confirming the views of MQM on increasing Taliban Activities in Karachi.

This attack is not the first attack in Karachgi, repeated arrests of Taliban Commanders and leaders from Karachi is a proof of strong Talibans presence in the Karachi.

These Talibans are threat to the people of Karachi but some religious and Political parties denying the presence of Talibans and showing their eniminty against the People of Karachi and Sindh.

Now after this attack the need is an Operation against these Talibans and their supporters in Karachi at earliest.

Militants attack Nato trucks on the outskirts of Karachi

Thursday, 28 Jan, 2010

A man walks past trucks, loaded with supplies going to Nato troops in Afghanistan, after they were attacked while departing Karachi January 28, 2010. – Reuters

KARACHI: Gunmen in the southern Pakistani port city of Karachi ambushed three vehicles carrying supplies for the Nato forces in neighbouring Afghanistan on Thursday, injuring three people, police said. “Four unknown armed men riding on two motorcycles opened fire and hurled hand grenades on Nato supply trucks in Baldia neighbourhood and escaped,” local police official Mohammad Ali told AFP.
“The attack wounded three people on the trucks and damaged the trucks. The trucks were bound for Afghanistan's Kandahar town.”
Up to 75 per cent of the supplies for Western forces in landlocked Afghanistan arrive at Karachi port and then head north.
Militants have carried out a wave of attacks against the supply trucks in northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border, but such attacks are rare in Karachi.

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