February 8, 2010

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad Survived Assasination...

It seems PML N and Nawaz Sharif is getting frustrated day by day, The attempt on Sheikh Rashid Ahmad and killing of his four close associates shows how bloody Pakistani Politics are getting day by day.

The reaction is quite strong from the People of Pindi as the mass processions raising slogans against Nawaz Sharif and PML N Punjab government shows their hate against the so called Popular Leadership of Nawaz Sharif.


PML N tried hard to stop the elections in NA-55 as they are afraid of going to elections because of their poor performance in Punjab, But PML N forced to conduct elections just because of Supreme Court Order and now the attempt on the life of Shiekh Rashid shows that they will use every trick in the book to wipe off Sheikh Rashid from the scene as Sheikh Rashid is getting Popular in NA 55 day by day and PML N is feels iminent defeat in NA 55 and the humiliation PML-N faced in recent Manshera by election further frustrated PML-N and Nawaz Sharif.

Apart from PML N, Jamat e Islami and PTI is also contesting from NA 55, but both the parties don't have any public support so the contest if mainly between Sheikh Rashid and Nawaz League.

I pray for the health of Sheikh Rashid Ahamad and also thankful to Allah that this is not happened in Karachi, otherwise the Ethnically bias people would blame MQM for it .

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