February 23, 2010

Will Imran Khan Zaani past Sinks Ijaz khan Jazi Titanic?

It's like a war like situation in NA 55 Rawalpindi, where giants of Pindi's Politics are about to clash in a classic electoral encounter.

The real clash will be between Shakeel Awan of PML N and Sheikh Rasheed of AML, apart from those 2 giants Jamat e Islami and PTI are also taking part in NA 55 by elections.

I am writing this post on Feb 23rd and i need to wait for about 2 days for the results.

This election is very important for both PML N and Sheikh rasheed but it is far more important for Ijaz Khan Jazi, the candidate of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf or PTI headed by Taliban apologist Imran Khan.

PTI or Party Totally on Internet is about to face a real test of Pakistani Politics, This election is not only a test of Ijaz Khan Jazi who took more then 12000 votes as an INDEPENDENT candidate in NA 55 Bye elections but also a test of Imran Khan as well as his party has given ticket to a strong INDEPENDENT candidate rather then to any PTI worker of NA 55, in a hope to win this seat.

Position of PTI and Imran Khan is very bad in NA 55, on the PTI website and forum, PTI members showing their frustration and even telling the truth to the whole world about less then 50 people in Imran Khan Public meeting.

Every single vote Ejaz Khan Jazi takes after 12000 figure will be the vote of Imran Khan and PTI, as he already have bank of 12000 votes he got in bye elections.

Now we have to see how many votes Imran Khan and PTI would get from NA 55, and if Ejaz Khan Jazi failed to even secure 12000 votes, then it means Imran Zaani Khan sinks his Titanic in NA 55

Waiting for elections results of NA 55, lets see will how many votes Imran Khan and PTI gets.

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