March 14, 2010

Jamat e Islami don't have Peoples Support, accepted by Naimatullah Khan

Jamat e Islami, a Fascist gang of religious thugs and terrorists, ruled Pakistan for 30 years on the shoulders of Establishment and Agencies who used them for all sort of Dirty work and terrorism in and out Pakistan, but after 9/11 the policy shift causes the unbearable damage to the Terrorist of Jamat e Islami the gang of Modoudi.

Now Jamat e Islami is exposed, the results of NA 123 and NA 55, clearly shows how much popular they are and how much public support they have. Not only this, in 1993 elections when MQM boycotted the elections, Jamat Current Ameer Munawwar Hassan and Ex Ameer Qazi Hussain, Both contested from Karachi and both faced humiliating defeat and manage to secure not more then 8000 votes each.

Jamat e Islami Ruled Karachi for a long time, Jamat Nazim Abdul Sattar Afghani ruled as Karachi mayor for 8 years on the shoulders of Zia ul Haq and Naimatullah Khan for 4 years who accidentally became Nazim due to the boycott of MQM but failed to deliver anything to the people of Karachi.

Jamat e Islami  can't contest election ALONE as they know for themselves they don't have any public support and mandate this is the reason they always tries to join alliances like IJI and MMA, always sponsored and made by the Hidden Hands.

Now the Ex Nazim Karachi, a Former ISI employee and Leader of Jamat e Islami, Naimatullah Khan accepts that People rejects Jamat e Islami and they don't have public mandate and support and they always rule just because they served the interest of Establishment and for their services they are rewarded.

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