March 15, 2010

PML-N and ANP planning a wide scale Bloodshed in Karachi.

Hamid Mir a renowned Anchor in Meray Mutabiq revealed on 8 March 2010  that a Former Chief Minister of Sindh is asking ANP to fight with MQM and he have reliable news about it.
One could think who would be that Ex Chief Minister of Sindh who can do this, the answer is real Simple, PML-N Sindh Chief and Ex Chief Minister of Sindh Ghaous Ali Shah.

Ghous Ali Shah was Chief Minister of Sindh when the Bloody Massacre of Qasba Aligerh took place and more then 400 Mohajir Men, Women and Children were brutally massacred,

 The Qasba Aligarh Massacre occurred on 15 Dec 1986 and the Chief Minister Ghous Ali Shah did nothing to stop that massacre. Now after the revelation of Hamid Mir(Name of Ghous Ali Shah can be confirmed from him) the secret Police report sent to concerned quarters shows that ANP and PML-N are working jointly to stage another Qasba Aligarh Massacre in Karachi.

According to Police reports ANP and its Student wing PSF are stock piling HUGE amount of weapons in 3 areas of Karachi namely Aziz Bhatti, Sachal and Mobina Town.

I want People of Karachi to be very cautious and keep vigilant and if they see any type of illegal activity, then immediately report it to Police and also inform the nearest MQM office.

And i also wants to warn the Talibans boot lickers PML-N and ANP that don't try to attack Karachi, otherwise that will be disaster for you all.

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