August 8, 2010

ANP Drug and Land Mafia Joins hands with Lyari Criminals against MQM

ANP Drug and Land Mafia join hands with Criminals and Terrorists of Lyari Gang War against MQM.
It seems all the CRIMINAL and TERRORIST forces of Karachi are united against MQM.

 Rehman Dakait was one of the ost wanted criminal and Terrorist of Pakistan Peoples Party who started his Career by killing his OWN MOTHER.

Lyari Gang Mafia is supported by Pakistan Peoples Party and defecto head by Criminal Zulfiqar Mirza who is Interior Minister of Sindh and a closest of Zardari.

Zulfiqar Mirza is also a suspect in Benazir Bhutto Murder as he is the one who recalled all the Janisaran e Benazir back from Multan who were going for security duty in Benazir Jalsa in Pindi.
After the Fake Encounter of Abdul Rehman Dakait, PPP Government made a deal with  Abdul Rehman Dakait Gang on the condition that These Criminals will be used against MQM they have been given a free hand in Karachi.

Here are some crimes of Peoples Amn Committee, Terrorist and Criminal Wing of Pakistan Peoples Party, who are barking against MQM and joined hands with Land and Drug Mafia of ANP.

People of Karachi knows every thing you Criminals and Terrorists of Lyari Gang War and ANP land and drug mafia, we know you are united against MQM but People of Karachi we will teach you a lesoon you will never forget.

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