August 6, 2010

MQM is involved. Qazi Hussain

After every incident Jamat e Islami and People outside Karachi blames MQM.
Qazi Hussain was famous giving statements involving MQM in everything.
Few Qazi Hussain most famous lies involving MQM in crimes happened in Karachi are as follow.
  1. Qazi Hussain involved MQM in attack on Corps Commander Karachi Ahsan Saleem Hayat. later it was confirmed that Corps Commander Karachi was attacked by Jamat e Islami own workers including Dr Arshad Waheed a famous Jamat e islami Activist and Atta ur Rehman Nazim of Jamiat in Karachi University.
  2. Qazi Hussain blammed MQM for Nishter Park blast, it was a suicide attack carry out by so called Jehadies and Talibans Qazi Hussain Blamed MQM for it to save the real culprits.
  3. Qazi Hussain blamed MQM for the murder of Mufti Shamzai in Karachi and blamed MQM F B Area Sector in charge Khalid for the attack, Qazi Hussain said Khalid attack Mufti Shamzai and wounded by Shamzai Body Guards firing and later died, BUT in reality Khalid was a closest of Mufti Shamzai and died while preparing Grave for Mufti Shamzai due to Heart Attack, Mufti Shamzai guard identified a man from police record as the killer of Mufti Shamzai, belong to Banned Tehreek e Jafria of Sajid Naqvi, means Qazi was saving MMA by putting blame on MQM.
  4. Qazi Hussain Blamed MQM for the murder of Editor Takbeer Salahuddin, Later Salahuddin own daughter Saida Anjum revealed that her Father Salahuddin, Editor Takbeer who is also a paid ISI operative took money from ISI in Mehran Bank scandal was murdered by non other then her Husband Rafiq Afghan, a Jamat e Islami and ISI operative. Sadia Anjum took divorce from Rafiq Afghan but the case was burried by hidden hands as Rafiq Afghan is an ASSET for hidden forces.
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) described the symptoms of Munfiqs(Hypocrites), One is When ever he(Hypocrite) speaks he(Hypocrite) Lied.
Qazi Hussain You are a Munafiq according to Hadith.
As people of Karachi knows that Qazi Hussain is a lair and habit of maligning MQM, here is a picture i found on internet, which shows Qazi Hussain, Jamat e Islami MQM Phobia.(its just a humor don't take it seriously)

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