August 20, 2010

Peoples Amn Committee, Terrorist group of PPP Exposed

Peoples Amn Committee, Group of Criminals, Durg and Arms Mafia and Terrorists, runs directly by Zulfiqar Mirza and PPP Exposed once again.
The Group formerly head by notorious Criminal Rehman Dakait, he was killed in mysterious police encounter, Since his death Uzair Baloch takes over the command of This Gang, but in reality Sinsh Interior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza runs this gang and PPP gives full support to these criminals and terrorists.

Just recently the same Peoples Amn Committee Organized a Public Gathering on the death anniversary of  Notorious Gangster Rehman Dakait, Leaders of PPP and ANP attended the meeting and spoke on the occasion, interestingly Lord Nazir Ahmed also spoke via telephone from London.
People of Karachi knows the real agenda of Patronizing these criminals
Destabilizing Karachi and Capture Karachi by Force.

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