August 12, 2010

PPP Behind Organized crimes in Sindh

Nexus of PPP and criminals is not something new, PPP government and Zulfiqar Mirza is behind Organize crimes in Karachi and Sindh, Lyari Gangsters are also run by Zulfiqar Mirza, Now PPP Minister that is Zulfiqar Mirza Give orders of the release of 7 most wanted criminals arrested just days back from Dalmia area of Karachi.
Zulfiqar Mirza are running a racket of Drug peddlers and Terrorists to strong his hold on Karachi


Zulfiqar Mirza recruited hundreds of Drug Peddlers and Terrorists belong to Rehman Dakait gang in Sindh Police as well.
Zulfiqar Mirza also threaten to Break Pakistan  after Benazir Bhutto Murder.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed