October 16, 2010

ANP gives blood bath to Karachi

Frustrated with unity of People of Karachi under the Flag of MQM and their possible humiliating defeat in by elections, ANP terrorists gives Karachi a blood bath. Till now 18 people lost their lives, ANP terrorists targeted Urdu Speaks to incite Ethnic violence in the city.
ANP armed terrorists came out on the streets of karachi after ANP sindh president and Drug Mafia leader Shahi Sed announced boycott of by elections of PS-94 sensing their humiliating defeat.
Shahi Sed threaten People of Karachi to stay inside their houses, and to keep the people of Karachi in their houses, ANP terrorists starts killing people, majority of those killed belongs from Urdu Speaking families.
PPP Government failed to rain in the terrorists of ANP and ANP turning Karachi into a war zone.
We appeal to International community to check the terrorism of ANP in Karachi and help stop this merciless killings of the people of Karachi from the hands of ANP terrorists.
We also like to tell ANP terrorists that people of karachi will not bow down infront of Terrorists, Drug Mafia of ANP, we are with MQM and Altaf Hussain and we will remain with Altaf Hussain with out any fear.

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Kashif said...

Both ANP and PPP are involved in the bloodbath of Karachiates. There is no justification but to start an unconditional operation against the ANP, PPP and all other Terrorists in Karachi.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed