October 20, 2010

Genocide of Urdu Speaks in Karachi by ANP and Peoples Amn Committee

Genocide of Urdu Speaks also called as Mohajirs, People who migrated from india after partition in 1947 continues in Karachi, The sole aim of this massacre is to capture Karachi by force as Urdu Speaks are in Majority in Karachi.
Most of the People thinks all this is Politically motivated, they are wrong, the sole aim of all is to crush Urdu Speaks.
Peoples Amn Committee and ANP both working together are behind this massacre.
It is also very disturbing that Pakistanis, World and UN all are quite on this Massacre and Genocide of Urdu Speaking People.
It seems that Urdu Speaks are not Pakistani, Muslims and Humans, that is the reason nobody is raising voice this Genocide.

ANP and Peoples Amn Committee working together in Karachi.

Everything is clear now, ANP PPP and Peoples Amn Committee is behind the massacre of Urdu Speaks in Karachi.

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