November 27, 2010

ANP Taliban Nexus Expose in Karachi

From a long time MQM saying it publically that ANP and Talibans are working together in Karachi but there are people who always deny it and give excuses that ANP is fighting with Talibans in KPK so how they can work with Talibans in Karachi.

But now it is all exposed that how Talibans are working as Office bearers of ANP in Karachi.

On the night of 25th Nov 2010, 2 Rangers personnel who were on intelligence duty in Sultanabad, very close to Place where CID building was targeted just few days back, as they are searching for terrorists who attacked the CID Building, ANP local leader Zain Mehsud attacked both the rangers personnel, torture them, snatch their weapons and wireless sets and then get back into Sultanabad.

Only after this Rangers came into action and starts operation against ANP.

According to Rangers, Zain Mehsud is a close aid of Taliban Leader Baithullah Mehsud, and involved in heinous crimes in Karachi, including Land Grabbing. According to rangers he was caught by the People doing robbery and people were setting him on fire when Police saved him.

Here Jang Crime Reporter Afzal Nadeem Dogar exposing the Political affiliation of Zain Mehsud.

After all this can any sane person deny the Links, Cooperation of ANP and Talibans in Karachi and their involvement in Heinous Crimes?

After this Operation ANP again tries to play Pukhtun Card and called it operation against Pukhtuns and tries to save its Terrorists and criminals.

Like i always said and from this incident it is Proved that ANP strong holds are heaven for Talibans and ANP are giving them Shelter in Karachi and now it is exposed and no one can deny it.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed