November 10, 2010

Dr. Imran Farooq - Another Victim of the Status Quo!

Until today no one knows where Dr. Imran Farooq had been from 1992 to 1996, and how was he able to magically run the movement from undisclosed locations within Pakistan, especially at a time when the it was decided to completely finish off this group of students-now-leaders by the establishment and the ruling parties then. A party that started off with 5% representation and now close to 10% was solidified during the time when the chief was out of the country and the complete leadership was underground for fear of their lives. Dr. Imran Farooq was the practical application of Altaf Hussain’s ideology of realism and practicality. He was a teacher to many and a personality of honesty, loyalty with determination, leaving behind the legacy and importance of a disciplined organizational structure for the people of Pakistan to benefit from and adapt to it as a routine.

As always the establishment’s favorite policy of divide and rule has and was well applied whenever needed in Pakistan’s politics e.g PML A to Z. Some were able to be taken off from supporting Altaf Hussain, and were given free hand and lots of funds to create their faction, only to silent the possible uprising of the poor and the educated (urban) middle-class.

The establishment is also known for being able to unite ‘factions’ of the same kind to form IJI, MMA, MML etc. MQM’s call was appealing to the masses, especially when Altaf Hussain held a speech at Minar-e-Pakistan in 1991. At Lahore just one line in his speech rang the alarms across the ruling party and leaders from the elite and influential families, who saw power draining from their hands, as an option was now available. Altaf Hussain said addressing the people that “I would like to see you sitting where the leaders are sitting right now”. Meaning the sofa’s were for the poor and that is where MQM intends to take the commoner through a democratic process to take power back from the “Family politicians” and give it to the rightful masses representing the 98% of the country for their social uplift.

This definitely did not go very well at that time, which led to an organized campaign against MQM and propaganda for the rest of the nation and the world. Whatever, happened after that, most of us may or may not know, but it is an undeniable fact that this movement of the poor and the middle-class only took strength as it was punished and oppressed, and showed that the masses have a voice, which is not corrupt but only efficient and effective. Let it be elections during the operation, after the state atrocities, with political opponents, or democracy under dictators, this party continues to show growth, evolving from students, to ethnicity based regional representatives to national leaders representing the paradigm-shift that Pakistan needs most. When this party was allowed to express its mandate with practicality, from 2002 this movement, looking forward, showed the status quo that it is not necessary that your leader has to be from an influential or a Feudal’s family, but an individual from a middle class family can perform much better, quicker and maybe held responsible and accountable.

It was Dr. Imran Farooq who had formed the code of conduct for this movement as he was the only one who had so eloquently understood what Altaf Hussain wanted for this people, the and aims, objective, with revolutionary goals. In order to achieve all that, patience, persistence, and discipline was needed. What the world saw on 6th November 2010 was the reflection of the man had been teaching his members all his life. More than 200,000 attendants physically present reported by local and international, millions watched the live coverage on TV of this middle class politician with exemplary display of ‘discipline’ which later turned to the buzz-word of the day for the media. The Government played it role to the fullest and provided with the necessary protocol an security. As most traders associations in Karachi support MQM, the businessmen and transporters of the city kept their business on a halt for a day, to pay respect to the leader, and or to avoid any untoward incidents.

By now the city knows that there are people living amongst us who are ready to take advantage of such situations as and when they find a chance to provoke for maximum reaction. The conspirators had launched an SMS campaign since a week before which went around warning of serious target killings, and suicide attacks to take place in Karachi, leading to the day of the funeral prayers and after that. Certainly, this was to scare the locals to not attend the prayer congregation, but as it appears that it only set in with a few on the national media, and social media, because around 15% of the population of Karachi turned up despite of the terror threats.

Muttahida did not blame anybody for the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq, rather they have maintained that they will want to wait for the report of investigation by the Scotland Yard, and expressed their complete confidence with the forensic abilities of London Metropolitan Police. They did not threat to break Pakistan, call another political party “Qatil” (Murders), or went on a total rampage of burning, looting public or private property causing losses to billions within hours, up to few days. This is what is the real fear of the people, which always leads to panic and confusion created by the usual propagandists, who would not want this representative class to take over the Elite and rural power structure.

It is very obvious that once again this party was punished to stop the revolutionary calls for reforming the status quo, hold accountable the corrupt, and to carry out land reforms for the poor of Pakistan. The message taken by this murder was, if these calls do not stop, other leaders may continue to fall victim. This has been the case so far, but had never been able to put this party on a back foot. A wave of dis-information was spread within hours of the murder, which made sure to give an impression that this assassination was an inside job and perhaps the MQM would split and then die a natural death. None of that happened! Except a for few incidents of violence carried out by the same people who may well be connected with the murder plot. But those also came into control after MQM offered to quit the coalition Government if police action against the named culprits was not taken.

Sketch of the possible murderer was released by the London Police a day before the funeral. This is the first time Pakistan has been able to see the e-fit image of a killer of a national leader, and the person is an Asian, probably like all the previous “leader-killers”. He has a companion who is also an Asian, but since 16th September 2010 the world’s best police is not been able to apprehend them. It is very likely that owing to maintain the pride of the investigative department they will get to the killer very soon, especially now that they have a possible sketch of the person. One can only hope to put an end to these political murders, and wish that that the planners, executioners and the financiers of Dr. Imran Farooq’s murder are apprehended, brought to justice and severely punished. To bring the change and help solve this murder I feel it is also our responsibility to circulate the sketch to our contacts to the maximum possible number on your social networks, as someone somewhere will be able to pin point the person, and help this country find an assassin of a Pakistani leader in 63 years. This will change the political power structure of Pakistan and put a name to this invisible hand that gets away with murdering our leaders… always!

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