November 3, 2010

Questions to ANP Leaders

Few Questions to Corrupt ANP Leaders.

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Umer Pirzada said...

Very Good Khaled Bhai

Asif Ali said...

Yeps, Bhutto charged NAP for treason, here is the whole story:

Bhutto charged ANP for treason
Read this historical fact:

Farri07 said...

Yes this is true, why can't they raise voice against those who flogged women, beheaded men and destroyed schools. WHy don't they shift all their arms to that part of the country and save the nation from the poision which is spreading towards south.

FLaME said...

say no to A.N.P
Just go back to ur province.karachi is ours not urs.......

FLaME said...

go to hell u A.N.P

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed