November 21, 2010

Where is all that Money Imran Khan?

I was browsing different websites on internet and suddenly i saw website of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf or PTI and in the news section i saw a news,

Chairman PTI Imran Khan helped raise £60,000 for Pakistan's flood victims when he was the star guest at a gala fund raising dinner in Leeds.
Imran Khan joined hands with MKRF of Jang Group and the group and Mr Khan claimed that they have raised more then 1.2 Billion rupees for the flood victims.

I have few questions for Mr Khan, PTI and MKRF.
Where is all that money?
Where it is used till now?
The flood victims are going back to their homes how much money Mr Khan raised for them have been given to them till now?
 Where is the news and media coverage of all that?

Geo and Jang who are partners with Imran Khan are Quite, Imran Khan is seen no where helping people who suffered from the flood.

People didn't gave that money to be kept in bank account for making interest on it nor it was for Imran Khan Party fund for election, it was meant for the flood victims and after couple of months, not a single penny is seen using anywhere in Pakistan for the flood victims.

Imran Khan Publicity stunt is just like Saver Raffle Tickets of Zardari and Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro of Nawaz Sharif and nothing else, seems Mr Khan who has no resource of earning cashed the golden event of Flood inPakistan to raise money for himself and his party and the flood victims got nothing.

I hope PTI will try to reply with evidence where those 60,000 Pounds and more then 1.2 Billion Rupees spend collected for flood victims as Pakistanis and flood victims has already seen the face of Imran Khan.

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