December 1, 2010

Wikileaks expose people destabilizing Karachi.

After every few months, Target killing starts in Karachi, many of the people who don't know the reality are quick to blame MQM for target killings, Zulfiqar Mirza the Ethnic Sindhi Nationalist who vows to break Pakistan, Planned a hijacking of PIA air plane and recently threaten to kill everyone raised voice against Zardari is always tries to make an impression that MQM is behind the target killings in Karachi, so as the ANP who blames MQM for the target killings as they are using this Target killings for Political gains and for hiding their own Crimes in Karachi.

Wikileaks unfold many secrets also unfold a secret about who are the people destabilizing Karachi.

In Feb 2009, US Ambassador to Pakistan N W Peterson send a Cable to Washington now available for public viewing thanks to Wikileaks, reveals the people who are destabilizing the ever volatile Karachi.

Here is what she wrote to Washington.
"Pashtuns fleeing military action in FATA are destabilizing the always volatile ethnic mix in Karachi."

This cable is available on Guardian site.
Para # 16. C

Now it is clear who are the people destabilizing Karachi, its ethnic mix, its demography and involved in target killings in Karachi.

This cable also reveals that Zulfiqar Mirza Shahi Sed and ANP playing dirty games in Karachi to destabilize Karachi for their own political interest.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed